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Fun Zodiac Sign Guide


Christmas and

Sun Signs


What to Buy Them and What To Do To Get The Best Out of the Festive Season




Present Ideas?  Maybe a paper knife shaped like a sword, but don`t bother to wrap it, since they`ll be in too much of a hurry to get the paper off. Or perhaps a framed photo of Donald Trump – it will either get hung up or smashed to the ground. Either way, they'll enjoy it! Don't get them a board game - Ariens are far too competitive.


What To Do?  Now let us be honest Aries – you are never very comfortable just sitting around for days are you? So I’m going to suggest you volunteer to work at an outdoor adventure camp or go on some kind of activity holiday, where you can pit your wits against the rugged terrain instead of wrestling to regain control of the TV remote.





Present Ideas?  The easiest sign to buy for – get them a bar of chocolate the size of Texas and wrap it in velvet.  Then spend a load of money on perfume and lingerie. Taureans are very sense-ual and love anything they can touch, smell or eat.


What To Do?  Christmas makes you one happy bunny for you can indulge your sweet tooth and love of chocolate without guilt. In fact, everything about Christmas is so very Taurus - cosy fires, gourmet food, wrapping up warm, luxurious gifts and self-indulgence. Taureans don’t so much survive Christmas as revel in it - then frown at the waistline afterwards!





Present Ideas?  Buy them a book and stick a bookmark half way through, then another one in the last chapter, since that`s what they`ll do with it anyway. Then it can join the big stack they already have on the bedside table. Apart from that, a year's membership to a networking group. Geminis love to talk and share.


What To Do?  Just make sure that your Christmas is busy. Visit as many relatives as possible and make loads of social arrangements, for there is nothing worse than boredom is there Gemini? You might also want to stock up on trivial quiz games, since Christmas is the one time you might get people to play them.





Present Ideas? Anything with the word Mother on it, or anything with a cute wide-eyed puppy dog expression that reminds them of lonely, long-lost souls they can feel sorry for. A photograph album to keep all the memories in. Anything nice to store old baby clothes, instead of the bin liners under the bed or in the loft.


What To Do?  I think Christmas was invented for Cancerians. You probably have the whole family all tucked up safe and sound in the house for a few days, whilst you cook and cluck over them like a mother hen. The main problem is that it doesn’t last long enough, so extend yours by starting the preparations extra early.





Present Ideas?  A mirror would make a great present and if you can find one that tells them they are the fairest of all – even better - every Leo likes to check their appearance. Apart from that, go for something involving fantasy or role-play gaming.


What To Do?  If there is one consolation in the dark winter months, it is Christmas. How you love all that partying. Make sure you wear red and sparkly stuff so you stick out from the crowd and shine like the Sun. You should also surround yourself with candles or keep a real fire going to warm your spirit. Have fun!





Present Ideas?  Virgos like gadgets. Any gadget at all – because they love reading the instructions.  In fact, just give them the instruction books that no one else could be bothered to read. And then give them a bottle of washing up liquid and some rubber gloves, these will come in handy later.  


What To Do?  Christmas can be so stressful can’t it? On the one hand it seems natural to you to be the one who cooks, cleans and serves, but on the other you can feel overwhelmed by it all. Make sure you take some time out for yoga or meditation so there is a little peace and quiet somewhere in your world.





Present Ideas?  Buy Librans anything that comes in a matching pair.  Two candles.  Pair of earrings.  Pair of gloves.  If you don`t particularly like them, give them two things that don`t match and watch them squirm!


What To Do?  Make Christmas easier by writing a present list and sticking to it. No standing in a store being wracked by the terrible indecision. Shall I get this for them? Or would they prefer that? Neither will you have to take back most of what you bought the previous day! Then give yourself plenty of time to match up the linen and polish the glassware for the big day and you are assured of a stress free Christmas.





Present Ideas?  All Scorpios love dark stuff.  So how about a book on undetectable murder - how to kill and get away with it.  There is actually one called `The Book of Poisons` would you believe? Or the Hottest Sexy Romance Novel in history.  Don't buy them any of these if you are married to them, it might give them ideas!


What To Do?  Scorpio requires mastery in all things including Christmas, so a `master` plan is essential for survival. Include in that an hour’s withdrawal for relaxation or meditation at each end of the day. This is to allow your highly sensitive nervous system some down time; otherwise you may feel a little tense.





Present Ideas?  Definitely NOT a Satnav or a diary - they hate anything or anyone telling them where to go or what to do.  How about a video recorder so they can teach on-line or record travel videos?


What To Do?   It would be a highly unusual for a Sagittarian to read advice on anything, although they might get someone to read it to them.  More often the girlfriends of Sagittarians who are curious about their partner read the Sagittarian horoscope. But anyway, I have no advice, for this Sign does not need to be told how to party!





Present Ideas?  Perhaps a heavy mountain guide book. Or even a package mountain hiking weekend. Hint at how much it cost.  Make the prospect look hard and challenging, then watch them quiver with excitement at it all.


What To Do?  This is your time of the year for you love the crisp cold and the dark nights. There is also something so comforting about all the preparations – making the cake, buying the presents, putting up the tree. These traditions and sentiments are dear to your heart, so with all that in place it is likely you will have a satisfying Christmas.





Present Ideas?  I'd say a club or networking membership, but they would not like to be a member of any group that would have them. Any futuristic, techy device then.


What To Do? Let’s be honest Aquarius, you’d much rather spend Christmas with your mates right? Family gatherings aren’t especially your thing. Too much emotional slush. Perhaps you would be happier doing something that had a humanitarian theme to it? Voluntary work would be much appreciated and a really special way to feel good about this time of the year.





Present Ideas?  This is a bit of a paradox, since Pisceans don't like to receive, they like to give.  But still they want to give one to you, perhaps because it helps them with their martyrdom tendencies. Maybe get them something they can share around?


What To Do?  The saddest part about your Christmas is thinking about all those you can’t invite to share your dinner with. But instead, you can enjoy this magical and spiritual time of the year with most of those you love. Share, laugh and love, but then perhaps in a quiet moment, you can reflect on the one person you can’t be with and send them a quiet prayer.