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Learn Astrology in Your Own Private Live Lessons



Alison is now teaching astrology classes to individuals via Skype. You can have the sessions as and when you want them.


20 real-time private sessions for only £450


Hundreds of pages of notes are provided



Alison is a world-class astrologer with a Masters Degree in the study of astrology and cosmology


Have you ever wanted to learn astrology? Bought a few books and found it too difficult? Or looked at the price of an on-line course and realised you can't afford it? Or perhaps you just couldn't find a course near you at a time that suited.

Well now one of the world's most popular astrologers is offering private, one-to-one classes whenever you want them. Simply pay for the whole 20 session course up front and start booking  the sessions for when you want them. You can have several in a week, or one a month ... it's entirely up to you!




Email Alison on:



or phone if you are in the UK:

07767 810889


Pay for the whole course here. £450






"I thoroughly enjoyed these Astrology classes.  I had never taken any previous astrology instruction, and I learned SO much! We had about women in our class from around the globe, but Alison can teach all levels in one group. Alison is very thorough and is keen at communicating and explaining the cosmos and its dynamics. I'm still internalizing all of the material but I can already view individuals from a astrological perspective and spot some of the planetary influences before I have a look at their chart. I believe Alison Chester-Lambert has one of our world's most brilliant minds, as she weaves together astrology, history, mythology and astronomy; she keeps abreast of the latest scientific finds and incorporates all when she teaches and writes. I highly recommend her class as well as the individual classes she offers periodically and most especially her monthly subscription which offers such crucial insights into what's currently impacting us or what's on the horizon." 

- Dr Janet L. Rodriguez, M.A., PsyD


"Thank you sooooo much for your time and effort over the past 20 weeks, I have found your course extremely enjoyable.  You are a top teacher!!" - Teresa, UK


 "Alison's scope of knowledge of the Cosmos shines through with her brilliant teaching methodology and ways of communication during her course offerings. Beginning the course with a basic understanding of Astrological concepts, I gained a deep appreciation for the workings of the energies that comprise the field, thanks to her scholar and ability to teach the intricacies of the subject. Because of the clarity I received from this course, I feel confident that I can now read a natal chart with depth and insight, and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn from the best." Amanda C. Maine, USA