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Every day the planets above our head describe the current mood of the Cosmos. They move slowly across the sky around us, as if they are musicians or actors in a giant performance that in some ways reflects the feelings and emotions of the giant brain cell that is our Universe. Gracefully they move onto the stage, connecting and exchanging with the others around them. Then they reach a crescendo and finally sink back to let others have their moment.


Our sky is a theatre and we are part of the story. See the possibility here? If this performance can be discerned and de-coded into words, then we can truly understand what the Cosmos has at its heart. We can understand what it is that we are supposed to be learning or taking part in. And then we can co-operate with deep empathy and serene acceptance. We can make the best of opportunities and our challenges. And ultimately we can reap untold benefits as the Cosmos welcomes our attention and embraces our participation. We are at One.


This is a highly specialised type of astrology/cosmology, hailing from Ancient Babylon and the Egyptian temples. Alison has been writing these uniquely different, intuitively/astrologically guided messages for many years and to write them, she `blends` with the Cosmos and describes the action on the stage. If you still aren't sure, email to ask for a free trail month... no problem!


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