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You can fill the Booking Form in, which is on the Menu button below. Or you can email me directly, the address is here, just copy and paste that into your email client:     alison@alisonchesterlambert.com


I will want to know your birth date, time and place.


Also which time zone and state or country you are living in.


If you are not available at certain times because of work or other commitments then let me know that too?


Generally readings are via Skype but I can phone you if you really can't manage Skype. Include your Skype name. Mine is `alison.chester.lambert`


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Times Available:




I live in the UK. If you live on the West Coast of America you are 8 hours behind me. Therefore we would talk in your morning before 11.00am. If you are on the East Coast, the latest time we can talk is 2.00pm your time.

UK residents, the latest start time is 7.00pm


I can't work weekends due to family commitments.

Looking forward to hearing from you!