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Is there such a thing as fate? Is your death pre-determined?

Alison on BBC WM in December 2013 answering these questions:

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Alison was on TV across 5 states in USA see web-based version of the show here






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 This book was published under the name `Future in the Stars` by Findhorn Press







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An old BBC radio interview regarding 2012 predictions, but still interesting in how the interviewer tries to debunk astrology and how Alison responds. Also, how David Cameron must read her blog!







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It discusses 2012 and an 8yr period of extreme change





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Recorded in 2010, Alison correctly predicts the discovery of the Higgs Boson at the LHC in June 2012







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  • ABOUT THE RECORDING - The session is recorded on an audio file (WMA) and e-mailed to you. This is an extra, free service and the file is your own responsibility once sent. Compatibility issues with Macs cannot be resolved by Alison, as she is not an IT expert. Use a P/C to download if you can, or accept that the file may not play on Apple equipment unless you can handle a converter. The link to download a free converter is here. To comply with data protection laws, audio files are deleted once sent and they cannot be replaced.


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