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This was written and sent to Alison by a client:



"Yesterday, after months of being at rock bottom emotionally and physically, I had an astrology reading with Alison Chester–Lambert, and today I sit here with a great big grin on my face knowing that somehow it has turned my life around!!


Now I know how that sounds. . . and I know that if I had read it, I too would probably have had a bit of me that said “Yeah right” ! Mmm , I know, I cant quite believe it myself but somehow it actually feels that there has been a major shift. I was originally just writing this in my journal, but, when something so magical happens you just want to share it with everyone, and so I asked Alison if she would like to use it as a testimonial on her website.


Over many years I have read hundreds of self help books, attended workshops, gone on retreats even had therapy, all in an attempt to find that elusive piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is me, and although each of the above offered insights into areas of my life to ‘work with’ (ie; unresolved childhood issues etc. that have affected my life) it was Alison that gave me the key to understanding WHY !! In the first five minutes of speaking with her, she had described my whole life as if she had known me personally for all of it.


It suddenly made sense, she had managed to switch on a light in the darkest recess of me that no amount of my searching had managed to do. Don’t get me wrong, I have a major challenge ahead of me which will, I know, take courage but now I am no longer dancing in the dark. I now know my mission, and further into the reading I was given many ways to finding the keys that will unlock my full potential.


Alison has a truly unique way of guiding you through the closets of your life, opening each door with such care and understanding and showing you where, when and why it is as it is. She made me laugh and cry but most of all she removed the blinkers that I had been wearing for most of my fifty plus years. This truly does feel like the first day of the rest of my life and all due to one phone call with one extraordinary lady.


Thank you Alison, from my very soul which can now, at last, begin to shine its light"



Written by Sandra M. in 2012



What Other Clients Have Said:


"My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a long time and you said you could see it within weeks. And even before I had told you I wanted to change career, you spoke of how I would change from therapist to writer. Well, I wanted to let you know that it all happened exactly when you said it would, and I am now pregnant and a writer. Your reading was so accurate, it was the best I have ever had!" - Natalie, 2011



"I have had 3 readings from Alison, and every time she never fails to amaze me with accuracy and wonderfully postive words.  She has been a true blessing.  A very talented, brilliant, professional and truly lovely lady." -Suki D.



"Wonderful, and I do mean WONDERFUL to contact such an amazing person.  Now I am so excited about the future." - Chris



"What an amazing reading and time I had with you.  Thank you so much for all your expertise, humour and understanding.  You have offered a hugely positive ray over my existence." - Andrea