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I am English and live in the UK, but consultations are available worldwide.


An initial 90 minute reading is £120


A 60 minute follow-up reading is £79


You can pay in any currency - your card will convert it. Use your search engine to find a rough conversion rate.


If you wish to have a consultation, please fill out the booking form first


The consultation will be held on Skype. It is a free download, easy to install and use, and SKYPE will provide you with a video recording.  


When I receive your Booking Form I will use the email address to get in contact with you.

Within the email will be a link to pay. You can use any bank debit or credit card, or you can pay using a Paypal account. 


Payment is due it full before the reading can take place and it usually secures the actual booking. 


In an extremely rare case, if you or I feel that I am not `connecting` in some way, I will stop the session and give you a full refund.   



First or Initial consultation, £120 for 90 minutes.


Subsequent or further consultations, £79 for 60 minutes.