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Transiting astrology is the ability to read the position of the planets in our Solar System and describe the energies of the time.


We are sitting in the midst of tidal waves of em-ocean (emotion), razor-like electrical sparks, forceful electromagnetic radiation and invisible gravitational corridors that filter through our atmosphere and find their way into our electrically-sensitive bodies and consciousness. Our Solar System is as alive as we are, and with astrology we can read both. 


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The Dwarf Planets symbolise various aspects of evolution, population trends, the Secrets of Life and the Duality. They also enable a longer foresight into human destiny. Being physically far out from the central Sun, although solar control remains, it is not as strong as it is with the inner planets like Venus and Earth.


Out there at the edge of the Solar System, there are massive tidal forces of a cosmic nature, hinting at a complexity our minds have not yet discovered… but we are close… very close. We know this because we have discovered the planets that represent this, so we are ready to take on their energy.


Haumea and Pluto formed a long running conjunction from 1944 – 1963 whilst Western countries were resonating to the post-war drum beat of procreation - the instruction to have babies and replenish their numbers. The former Western Allies were keen to maintain their strength and security by re-building tax coffers and armies.


Social demography officially recognises the years from 1946 to 1964 as those of the `Baby Boomers` (or Generation Jones in America), a large generation that continues to have a significant impact on the world’s economies and our planet’s population. Note the very close alignment between the official Baby Boomer years and the planet`s connection? In 1944 the planets joined and the first Boomer year is 1946. Remember it takes a year to conceive and then give birth?


Hindsight and more research now divide the Boomers into two groups: those born from 1944 to 1954, called Boomer 1`s, and those born from 1955 to 1964, called Boomer 2`s. This slow reclassification occurred because of emerging marked difference in principles. The Boomer 1`s valued meaningful philosophy over financial success. The Boomer 2`s (called Generation Joneses in the USA) reverse that, they value financial success over meaningful philosophy.


Other research considers the Boomer 2`s to have more balanced mainstream views, tempering idealism with cynicism. Yet more research cites consumer behaviour, values and attitudes. My thoughts… Astrologically, both groups have the Pluto Haumea conjunction and if we just concentrate on the issue of having babies, we can leave it at that. Together, Pluto and Haumea are critically implicated in the matter of population reproduction trends.


However, there was a Uranus Makemake conjunction from 1953 until 1957 and this is joined by Jupiter from mid 1954 to mid 1955. The time of the Baby Boomer 2`s.


That made the uncompromising, badass difference!


Let us consider some of the Makemake key words… Gung-ho, competitive and roving. Now Uranus… revolutionary, uncompromising, awakening and enlightening. Then Jupiter arrives, providing a carefree, expansive energy to the mix. No wonder this cohort contained the highest proportion of Brexit voters!


Unlike the Boomer 1`s, the Boomer 2`s went through early childhood with televisions and electrical goods (Uranus), which added a sense of discovery and worldly knowledge to their universe. Science fiction in the guise of Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds appeared on screen from 1962, and these programmes fed the inborn, instinctive belief that space was NOT an empty vacuum – as they were being taught in schools.


Let`s fast forward to the present. According to the clockwork cycles of the Solar System, Pluto and Haumea engage again from 2022 – 2028, but this time there would be 90 degrees between them. (A square aspect in astrology.) This square will reveal the challenges in their joint endeavours, a time when the results of the events of the conjunction will be tested for any necessary adjustments. How has the Baby Boom thing worked out?


Let’s get the opinion of Sir Richard Attenborough? He has this to say “I have no doubt that the fundamental source of all our problems, particularly environmental ones, is population growth. I can’t think of a single problem that wouldn’t be easier to solve if there were less people.” That bad huh?


Countries in Asia and the African continent will contribute the biggest population growth during this century, but the developed countries can hardly start preaching to them now.


In my opinion, the six years that Pluto and Haumea are in square to each other offer the opportunity to get real and address over-population issues with the safe, and freely available, birth control methods that religious beliefs have denied women.


Surely it is better to prevent birth, than witness young death through poverty and starvation?


But still, the Roman Catholic church "forbids contraceptive use because it is a sin against nature". Surely the sin against nature is a human population that displaces nature itself? (Haumea also represents nature and the natural world.) 


The planetary deities sometimes offer us the opportunity to work with the winds of change that the planets are describing. Their `two-sides-of-the-same-coin` duality, a negative or positive aspect to the same issue, means that we have choices. This is where our free will presides.


With regard to birth control or birth promotion, new choices are available to us now. What do you think?




Pluto in Aquarius

Posted on 16th April, 2024




On the 20th November 2024, the dwarf planet Pluto will cross the invisible dividing line between the portions of the sky called Capricorn and Aquarius for the very last time.


Pluto’s final move into Aquarius after 16 years in Capricorn signifies the completion of a pretty big transformation in our lives. It represents a giant sea-change in our cultural background, and a significant leap into the `Age of Aquarius`.


I want to remind us what Pluto actually symbolises. It is sometimes a difficult `driver` to understand, and in using the term `driver`, I am thinking of software that controls input and output operations, or simply a `force that controls`.



Pluto represents transformation and (sometimes brutal) change by creation or destruction. It is the intelligent power or principle which fulfils the cycle of progression and growth. An evolutionary force which brings about gradual change without restraint or sympathy. It is built into the structure of life and even though it can and will be destructive, this should be seen in the light of constant improvement.


Perhaps Pluto is also a reservoir or repository of souls that exits in a hidden dimension of the Cosmos. An invisible appendage to our universe, which the Ancients envisaged as the Underworld.


Pluto’s natural growth impulse is useful to the Sign it is moving through. Returning again to the idea that Pluto is a `driver`, it develops the Sign`s raw material into `what it must become`. And let us remember that a Sign has dominion over one twelfth of our Uni-verse or dimension, including a one twelfth input into the life of every human.


Capricorn benefitted from a deep purging of global financial institutions after the near disaster of 2008, the year Pluto entered this tough Earth Sign and let us note this typical pattern. Firstly, Pluto recognised the rickety state and `shifting sand` of the existing global financial institutions which couldn’t even support further growth. People`s savings had been turned into loans on the other side of the planet, and to those who could never afford to repay them.


Pluto sent earth-quaking waves of shocking destruction and death through world banks and financial institutions, causing a severe global economic crisis. Remember the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and every bank in Iceland? The Lord of the Underworld took the world of Capricorn to the brink… but left enough stability for recovery and Pluto’s magical regrowth.


This dwarf planet’s inclination for progress and development has assisted the survival and growth of the Capricornian energy ever since. Property prices, financial securities and formal institutions became `what they must become` - a typical plutonian impact. So what happens to the universal Capricornian energy and its resonances, now that Pluto has pretty much `moved on` and this mysterious Underworld Force is no longer interested in the Capricornian ideals of preservation, status and frugality?


Well, these ideals will lose support in the Collective. There may be a growing distaste for the `old` ways of institutional and corporate corruption, protectionism and elitism. (All products of worship at the altar of the status and profit gods). The mutual back scratching of the upper classes, the banking system, financial products and planning and building regulations… Without Pluto`s input, Capricorn`s dominions will not continue to strengthen and there may be some contraction as things settle down. Rather like soil settling down after the garden has been dug.


A planet orbiting from one Zodiac Sign to the next will experience the new energy breaking down the orders of the old one. There is a different `future` in the pipeline, with new goals and collective aspirations. The Age of Aquarius is here and it is time that Aquarian values become the centre of Pluto`s powerful attention.


The Lord of the Underworld will spend the next 20 years initiating a new world order - that of discovery and the Cosmic Mind. The Aquarian dream is about (among other things) understanding scientific and mathematical precision, breaking free of the past, and the uncluttered perfection of the future.


So maybe you have just read that, and you are still asking “But what does that mean to ME?” Apart from the general issues of artificial intelligence, anything alien, advanced methods of communication, and the increasing complexity of technology, transiting Pluto’s move into a new Zodiac Sign doesn’t really single out individuals per se, although they may get in the way of a general purge. In the case of the move into Capricorn, those working in the financial sector with redundancy notices were pawns in a much bigger sea change.


Home-schooling may become a trend since all Aquarian-type people despise the homogenised, ill-fitting hole of nationally-organised school curriculums. Other people may suddenly long to take a science degree, or break out of employment in order to back-pack around Canada.


What about the Collective impact? As corny as this may sound, science fiction productions may have more than a few pointers. If you feel so inclined, dig out all your sci-fi movies and box sets for a good old binge. You could be amazed at the resonances.


I think `control` should be flagged up as an issue, along with power and supremacy battles. But these will be fought over the ideals of independence, future concepts and discovery. Just another day in the life of Captain James T. Kirk then! The strongest Uranian and Aquarian need is to break free. Freedom from predictability and restraint ensures the Klingon`s “undiscovered country” of the future.


We do need to give some thought to electricity, for we live in an electrical universe with electrical thoughts and electrically controlled movement. Even something as tiny as a single cell in the human body has a flow of charges inside and outside of its membrane which generates electrical currents. The relationship between positive and negative ions acts on planets, solar systems, galaxies and beyond, creating a universe which only exists because of electricity.


This system is only truly understood by Uranus – the symbol of these things - and Aquarius, the Sign or energy it resonates with. Pluto`s use of Uranus’s electrical designs and electrical systems is similar to the way a composer arranges musical notes according to the physics of sound. Or let`s put that another way, Pluto… in its Mother Nature guise… uses Uranus`s tool box to produce Life from chemicals and Pluto`s and Uranus`s correspondences are woven into the fabric of our dimension.


The deepest paradox of the Aquarian experience is the admiration and seeking of Utopian dreams, perfection, clean lines and clutter-free environments. Whilst at the same time harbouring a need to rebel against the very discipline and rigid self-control required to achieve Utopian perfection. It is in the Aquarian nature to rebel, but then to dislike change.


Aquarius strives to break free of restrictions but clings to `proven` science. How can this paradox ever be resolved? Perhaps by the acceptance of a world less perfect or less rigid. Maybe the scientist has to accept the presence of magic. Maybe a little less disdain for that which cannot, and should not, be proven.


COPYRIGHT!  Alison Chester-Lambert, April 2024