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How Psychological Astrology Can Help to Understand a Child With Communication Difficulties



Some of this appears in this article on the `Smart Talkers` Blog - click here to see

The Smart Talkers website can be a useful resource for parents.




Psychological Astrology can help us to understand the inner world of those who cannot communicate. This is because the birth chart can describe the basic motivations, likes, dislikes and desires of the person. And it can describe these things better than we can describe ourselves in most cases.


So therefore a consultation with a psychological astrologer will reveal much about your child that you didn't know. It can help identify what will grab their attention or what makes them feel most comfortable. It will describe personality traits and what irritates them. In short, it will describe the inner world of your child down to a tee.


How will this help? Because knowing how to attract their attention or switch them on will open a window into their world. It enables a shared moment, or perhaps a rare exchange. And as any therapist in this field will tell you, find out what gets their attention and develop that for the best results.


But it also makes a mother feel better. It gives you something of your baby. Understanding can be the greatest gift to the troubled mind. How many times have you exclaimed "If only I could understand him/her! If only I knew what was going on in their world."?


I have personal experience of this because I have a 23 year old daughter who was diagnosed with tactile defensiveness, sensory integration deficits, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ASD at the age of 4. She was seriously `out` of this world for the first few years and it seemed nothing could reach in. I had to give up work and care for her as Mary Poppins never appeared and child minders only lasted a day. I was separated from my husband by this time, so that was it…. me and my daughter against the world. Actually, make that me and my daughter against each other, and both of us against the world!


But every cloud has a silver lining and mine was the ability to seriously study something I'd always been interested in…. psychological astrology. I lived in London at the time and this was taught at Regents College by the legendary Dr. Liz Greene. I was mesmerised by it. It became the most important activity in my life as understanding unravelled before me. Nothing in all my 44 years of living had ever made so much sense. It was like opening up Aladdin's Cave and finding all the answers to every question I had ever asked. I was hooked and I still am. Years later, I am as much in love with the practise of using Jungian analysis and the structure of the Solar System to understand the fundamental drivers in a person's psyche as I have always been. More in fact. It has been the most faithful of my life's fascinations!


How does it work? How can the position of the planets at the moment of a person's birth describe so much of their personality and individuality? The simple answer…..because we live in an invisible, 3-dimensional web which connects everything up. Or perhaps our Solar System is just like a brain cell in some giant entity's head. Whatever `state` the Cosmos was in at the time of a baby's birth is reflected in the new life that has just emerged. The baby inherits that moment as a record in its epigenes. It will grow up to develop that moment as its life path, using those strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges as its tool kit. The baby was born with the `personality traits` of that moment as its blue print. And it can be `read` by looking at the patterns which existed at the time - a map of the planets reflects this pattern and is called a birth chart.


Slowly but surely my daughter made the breakthroughs, and now she lives a reasonably normal life. She can now talk about the past and happily describes how her world had been and what had made her want to make the leap into ours. Why she came `over the bridge`. And the answers had been in her birth chart all along. She did it because of fantasy, theatre, performance and drama. But it could just as easily have been gardening or horse riding; it just depends what is in the birth chart - we are all different.


She said she had the drama in Her World and she was comfortable with that and had no need of Our World. Then she was alerted to Pokemon, Digimon and finally Yu-gi-oh. In these she found the same stories that she had in Her World. So very slowly she edged closer to This World and then entered. All this time I had `experts` telling me to stop letting her watch so much video. They were wrong, it was what she needed. After that she engaged with live performance... step by step we got there. In the end she attended drama school herself. A magic moment.


This story will not be the same as yours. Each child is different. But just as my daughter's birth chart had pointed to her needs all along, so it will help you and your child understand theirs. I can't promise miracles, but isn't it worth a shot? You only need one session to get everything you need. Try it?




"I just wanted to thank you so much for all your insights and advice during our session about my autistic son this morning. It was such a relief to hear what you have to say, not only from an astrologer's point of view, but as the mother of a child with a range of sensory, DCD and ASD disabilities.


It was an enormous help to get your assessment, for it gave me a deeper understanding of my son’s needs and how to encourage his engagement. I feel less anxious and more positive now that I have constructive ideas of how to help him. May you continue to help others in the wonderful work that you do!” – Felicia, Richmond, California.




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