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A Simple Cure for Psoriasis That Worked for Me... If Only You Will Do It!


After years of agony struggling to walk and write because of the psoriasis on the sole's of my feet and palms of my hands, I decided to find my own cure. The Health Service could only offer creams and treatments that made it worse. What did I have to lose?


I have a Master Degree so the research was familiar to me, but there was so little on natural cures. However, I found the Chinese had discovered something astounding. Sugar in the gut was the clue to it all. The cure was not about the skin, it was about microflora and sugar in the intestines and what this does to the immune system.

The rest was easy - I eliminated all sugar from my diet and the psoriasis cleared up within days .


However... if you are reading this because you have psoriasis, you will not want to hear this. You will even hang on to the pain rather than give up all sugar. This is because you have a sugar addiction - this is the way that the psoriasis survives. The sugar feeds the bad conditions in your intestines and your immune system continues to act out accordingly with this skin outbreak. So come back when you are so desperate you will finally manage your cravings....

Still reading huh? Aha! You finally mean to do it.... So this is how you get cured.... you don't eat anything that tastes sweet. It is that simple. If it tastes sweet, you can't eat it.


Now please don't email me asking daft questions like "Do I mean fruit yoghurt?" Yes, I mean everything that tastes sweet. No sugar (check the label and read the ingredients list of everything before you eat it!)

But also.... no honey, maple syrup, agarve syrup, molasses, treacle, fructose, maltose..... anything ending in `ose`..

and most of all NO FRUIT or FRUIT JUICE!  That one is for sure. Fruit is the worst thing for it.


I do eat loads of salad stuff, vegetables and fish by the way. A plateful of chips is no problem. You will lose weight simply because you aren't eating sugar, so don't worry about fats too.


When you have fully eliminated all sugar and sweet things from your diet, the psoriais will clear up in days. However, you could now think about restoring gut health by eating cultured vegetables, kombucha and kefir. All of which are very good for improving the guts microflora. (Google them to find out all you need to know!)


Astrology and The Sugar-Free Cure

As an astrologer, I was very interested in any possible astrological symbolism connected to psoriasis and I am very pleased to say that I have noticed plenty. So much so, that I can now happily predict that a client has auto-immune issues including psoriasis, and offer advice on it.


It is about the impact of a particular astrological symbol which seeks to dissolve the integrity of the cells in the immune system and auto-immune system. It cause confusion within the structure, growth, development and functioning of a cell. Add to that issues over self-esteem that can be `read` in astrology and the answers become clear. 


You don't have to have an astrology reading with me to take advantage of my offered cure here. The advice is for free. But if you think you might struggle to follow the advice, or you suffer from other troubles, then do give me a try. The cost will be no more than you regularly spend trying to get out of the awful prison of psoriasis anyway!


Good luck!